Monday, July 17, 2017

Don't Trash Your Business Idea Just Yet!! Free Webinar on July 20th!

Hey FLYness,
How are you doing? How was your weekend? I know you are probably at home winding down with your feet up or probably in bed resting while reading this email. I am going to make this email short, simple and brief because we have to conquer another day tomorrow. 

Many of you may have some amazing ideas but are afraid of executing your ideas, don't think you can make money from your idea or the product/service may exist in which you are on the verge on trashing your idea. 

During this webinar, we are going to discover/discuss five key points:
1. Understanding that no idea is a bad idea
2. Why you must research your idea/market
3. What's your commitment level of starting a side hustle/Investing in yourself and product
4. Branding Yourself and Your Business
5. Content/Product/Services strategy

Please join us on July 20th from 8 PM EST/7 PM CST from the comforts of your home, on your laptop, tablet, phone and etc. 

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14157629988,,788937772# or +16465687788,,788937772#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 788 937 772
International numbers available: 

A Replay will be posted to the Brown Girl From Boston FB page. Please share this information with your friends, family, or tribe that are in need of turning their ideas into a side hustle/full-time business.

Peace, Love, and FLYness

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

'Cause I'm Paid in Full: How I Paid Off One of My Student Loans Effortlessly

"Thinking of a master plan
Cause ain’t nothing but sweat inside my hand
So I dig into my pocket, all my money spent
So I dig deeper, but still coming up with lint

So I start my mission, leave my residence
Thinking how could I get some dead presidents
I need money, I used to be a stick-up kid
So I think of all the devious things I did
I used to roll up, this is a hold up
Ain’t nothing funny
Stop smiling, be still, don’t nothing move
But the money

But now I learned to earn cause I’m righteous
I feel great so maybe I might
Just search for a 9 to 5
If I strive then maybe I’ll stay alive
" -Eric B and Rakim, Paid In Full

So...I have officially paid off one of my student loans I took out to study abroad in Jamaica while in graduate school.
Tribe, I didn't know this particular loan was paid in full since January!!! The master plan worked! Thank God for emails and communication with the loan officer! LOL! 

How did I pay off that particular loan? I paid twice the amount each month and in 2012 I've spent a Summer as an Americorps Vista (! As a Vista, I was able to use my education reward to use towards my student loan payments! 

*Loan Forgiveness Programs*

1. Public Service Loan Forgiveness
2. Teacher Loan Forgiveness
3. Teacher Cancellation for Federal Perkins Loan
4. Special Teacher Forgiveness Programs for Each State
5. Forgiveness with Income Based Payment
6. Americorp Vista *education awards to be used for student loans/tuition assistance*
7. Peace Corps *Pays up to 90% of student loans*

The key to building wealth is to pay off your debt, stay current on your bills, use credit responsibly and invest your money wisely! Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices such as relocating to an affordable city, live below your means, taking another job with higher pay, getting rid of cable, limit your eating out/coffee expenses, moving back in with your parents and start a side hustle or become a brand ambassador which I will discuss soon.

1. What financial goals do you have?
2. What bill(s)do you desperately need to pay off?
3. How are you going to budget your money?
4. What is something you want to own? Business? House? Property? 

Don't forget to pay yourself because you spent 40+ hours a week commuting, pouring your energy and hard work on your job or business!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Blogger Week Giveaway: #BloggerWeek

Blogger Week is a unique multicultural festival of bloggers, journalists and social media mavens - hosted by Black Bloggers Connect. There will be a full day of workshops, sessions and panel discussions. BloggerWeek was created for bloggers by bloggers and it's where you learn everything you need to know about blogging. See the full schedule at Bloggers from across the country will gather in Washington, DC on Saturday August 12th to attend the 4th Annual Blogger Week UnConference. And you get the chance to join them! 

Reply to this post why you want to attend Blogger Week and what you hope to learn. Two winners will be randomly selected. Winners will be selected by July 15th! Best wishes, Brown Girl Tribe!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Social Media Will Not Kill My Vibe!

Hey FLYness,
I have finally settled down here in "Sweet Home Alabama" and I am loving the 80-90 degree weather. I guess you can say that I am activating my melanin and enjoying the healing process. I have recently celebrated two months post surgery. Yay!

Well, this is about celebrating my post surgery victory, but the tremendous amount of time and energy we spend on social media. Recently, I have mindlessly "Liked" this and "commented" on that to the point, I was like hold up, why am I putting energy into this nonsense? I had to step away and realize that I have become a social media crackhead or an addict. Yikes and yuck. Raise your hand or nod slowly if you have become a social media crackhead addict. Social Media addiction is real and it is equivalent to being a drug addict. I don't know about you, but I don't have an addictive personality and don't want to learn and develop bad habits.

When you start becoming annoyed by the narcissist on your Timeline, second guess your life, become obsessively offended by judgmental and imperfect folks, get into squabbles with folks in the comment section and say things we wouldn't dare to them in their face or compare your actual life of someone's filter and highlight reel, you need to go ahead and check yourself because you are about to wreck yourself and your entire self-esteem and life.

Despite running an online business, being a blogger, being a social media consultant for a small tech firm, and help creatives and individuals with their digital content; I've decided to take a 30-day social media detox. I love the detox thus far because my focus, discipline, and life is more simple. I am able to live in the moment without the fear of missing out, I am able to have deep and meaningful connection with my family, I am able to focus on my healing instead of updating my status every hour and plus I have learned how to really perfect my BBQ skills and made BBQ sauce from scratch without having to update it or take a photo to make it real lol. S/O to my step-pops for helping me perfect my BBQ skills and now being an heiress to my homemade BBQ sauce. Don't be jealous, y'all.... I might share some BBQ sauce since I have made 4 gallons of it.

Imagine, if I was still glued to social media, I would have been posting about this, perfecting my photos, and trying to create an online store to sell my BBQ sauce. I am okay with just living in the moment and enjoying creating dope things without the entire world knowing.

I will keep you all posted each Friday about my social media detox and the meaningful things I am adding onto my life. Do you need to take a social media break? If so... join me on this journey. If you decided to take the social media journey decide how many days you are willing to go without social media. Once, you decide a number of days, invite others to do the same. Don't make a huge announcement about it. Take all social media apps off your phone. Also, you can add some free tools to keep your focus when you are on your laptop/MacBook and etc.

1. StayFocsd Chrome Extension is a productivity tool that helps you to block the sites you frequent and steal your productivity time.

2. Facebook News Feed Eradicator Chrome Extension- this helps with filtering your timeline and helps you to be mindful and positive by replacing your timeline with daily quotes.

3. OurPact- it blocks social media apps from your phones. This is actually an app for parents to block social media apps from their kids' phone but we as adults need to use it for self-control as well.

I hope you have a beautiful Friday and weekend. Protect your neck, eyes, energy, and align with people who will do the same. Make sure you are chasing your purpose and live a simple and happy life.

Also, if you need anything such as booking me for speaking engagements, coaching sessions, have a question; please email me at drea@browngirlfromboston

Schedule for 30 Minute Strategy Session:

Peace, Love, and Light,

Thursday, May 25, 2017

For My Creatives: Boss Up!!!!

Everybody want to be a Boss until it is time to do Boss things. People think being a Boss or Entrepreneur is easy peasy because people photoshop and filter their great moments and bank account statements. *Insert Kanye Shrug*
Let me be the first to let you know that everyone isn't built to be a Boss. Everyone isn't built to run a business full-time not knowing where their next profitable project is coming from. 
In business, you will be doing a lot of volunteer work. You will be competing against folks who were well wishers/fans but feel they can deliver services or make better products than you. You will find out who truly rock with you once you go into business. You will find out what you are truly made of once you go into business. You just don't go into business and think you have arrived and luchini is falling from the sky. Nah. You will have to be disciplined, focused, determined, half-cray, and a forever learning. Yeah that's cool, you have a number of downloads, number of likes and followers on social media and you have created a "buzz"! 
But how have you turned them numbers into profitable? Not projected profits but actual profits in your bank account? Did you register your business with your state and city? Are you a LLC? S-Corp? C-Corp? Do you have a business account? Do you have your intellectual property on point? 
You can be popular all you want and still be part of the Broke Phi Broke (We Don't Got It Club). You can be getting ripped off and people stealing your intellectual property because you didn't think it was important to seek an Intellectual Property attorney. Make sure you take care of business first before you come on social media and flaunt. Make sure your I's are dot and T's are crossed because people be out here ready to profit off your hard work. I love you and want you to consider everything I've mentioned before going into business. 
Also don't forget you still have bills to pay, you still have a family, you still have to stay true to yourself and take care of your holistic health. 
Love and Light,

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