Thursday, May 25, 2017

For My Creatives: Boss Up!!!!

Everybody want to be a Boss until it is time to do Boss things. People think being a Boss or Entrepreneur is easy peasy because people photoshop and filter their great moments and bank account statements. *Insert Kanye Shrug*
Let me be the first to let you know that everyone isn't built to be a Boss. Everyone isn't built to run a business full-time not knowing where their next profitable project is coming from. 
In business, you will be doing a lot of volunteer work. You will be competing against folks who were well wishers/fans but feel they can deliver services or make better products than you. You will find out who truly rock with you once you go into business. You will find out what you are truly made of once you go into business. You just don't go into business and think you have arrived and luchini is falling from the sky. Nah. You will have to be disciplined, focused, determined, half-cray, and a forever learning. Yeah that's cool, you have a number of downloads, number of likes and followers on social media and you have created a "buzz"! 
But how have you turned them numbers into profitable? Not projected profits but actual profits in your bank account? Did you register your business with your state and city? Are you a LLC? S-Corp? C-Corp? Do you have a business account? Do you have your intellectual property on point? 
You can be popular all you want and still be part of the Broke Phi Broke (We Don't Got It Club). You can be getting ripped off and people stealing your intellectual property because you didn't think it was important to seek an Intellectual Property attorney. Make sure you take care of business first before you come on social media and flaunt. Make sure your I's are dot and T's are crossed because people be out here ready to profit off your hard work. I love you and want you to consider everything I've mentioned before going into business. 
Also don't forget you still have bills to pay, you still have a family, you still have to stay true to yourself and take care of your holistic health. 
Love and Light,

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Get Paid, Not Played: Free Mini Business Plan for Creatives, Social Entrepreneurs and Side Hustlers

Hey Tribe, I have created a free and simply mini business plan that should help all creative and social entrepreneurs to map out your side hustle/small business needs. 
1. Your WHY/Mission/Vision- In order for you to upstart your side hustle/small business, you need to know why you are starting in the first place. This is called storytelling/your pitch. People usually connect with you due to your story. We all have a story to share and when you are in business, people want to know your story and you need to know your why. Take a few minutes to think about your why and write it down. 
2. #Goals #Goals #Goal: You should have personal goals, professional goals and business goals. These goals will help you and your business to grow. When you sit down to write your goals think BIG because this is "Do or Die" time when starting and growing a business. Don't shrink yourself or your goals. You goals should consist of happiness. How much money do you want your business to make? Location-free business? International business? Local business? This is when you are going to explore your goals, write them down, develop a timeline, 3-5 action plans to achieve goals and get it in. No shortcuts. No shrinking your greatness. Make sure your goals are achievable and realistic. 
3. Who is your business for? Your target market? This piece of business is very pertinent because you need to research, know your customer,can they afford your services/products, see your customer before they see you, solve their problems, understand their goals, know where they shop, their hopes, dreams, and etc. You need to flush out this section. Be very descriptive. Give your ideal customer a name. Gender. Where do they live? What do they drive? Martial status? Educational status? Location? Traveler? Nationality? Ethnicity? Music genre of choice? How much do they make? Brands they love? Personality? What they do for a living? What are some things they hope and dream? Volunteer? This will help you to know your customer and start creating products and services based on what you have wrote down. 
4. Social Media Platforms/Where are your customers? Do they like social media? Are they on Facebook? IG? Have Twitter fingers? Pinterest? Snapchat? Love emails? Love text message? Where do you clients communicate the most on? 
5. What are your services/products? Do you have affordable pricing? Have you sent out surveys and received feedback back? Focus groups? Giveaways and contests? Appropriate labeling? Why should anyone purchase your services/products? How many streams of income can you create from your products/services?
6. Outside Activity: Do you attend vending events? Networking events? Have business cards? Go to conferences? Public speaker? Enter pitching contests? Participate in your local incubators? Chamber of Commerce? ETC
7. How much coins do you need to start your business/side hustle? There are plenty of grants you can apply to start your business. You have loans, micro loans and other kind of business loans. Do you have a separate business account? Can you start your business right now without any funding or funding from your own pockets?
This mini business plan should keep you business. This is the primarily stage to see how to operate your side hustle with a plan and vision. 
Please share this mini business plan with your fellow side hustlers, creatives, and social entrepreneurs. Let's get paid and not played for our creativity.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

25 Tips for Self-Care For Brown Girls

Sister-Woman, it is time to take care of yourself. Check out twenty-five ways, you can care for yourself everyday, all day. 

1.Self Nurturing Activities
2.Going for a walk in nature
3.Silent Tea Time
4. Taking a warm bath
5. Listening to relaxing music in stillness
6. Color in an Adult coloring book
7. Practice focus breathing
8. Practice tension release exercises
9. Practice Yoga
10. Take a Nap
11. Prepare and eat a nutrient dense meal
12. Take yourself out on a date
13. Buy yourself some flowers
14. Schedule a massage
15. Schedule a mani & pedi
16. Read a chapter in an inspirational book
17. Plan a staycation or vacation
18. Dance in the mirror
19. Enjoy some aromatherapy
20. Go to bed earlier
21. Get your laugh on
22. Meditate
23. Write a love letter to yourself
24. Explore a new hobby or pastime
25. Spend quality time with people that support you
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Turning Your Passion Into A Paycheck: Free Audio Course

Turning Your Passion Into A Paycheck is the audio version of the Turning Your Passion Into A Paycheck book. This audio course helps individuals who are interested in starting a side hustle while working their 9-5pm. This course is a step by step plan on turning your strengths, passions, and skills into multiple streams of income. This is a self-coaching guide.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Natural State of Mind!:Celebrating 7 Years Of Returning Back to Natural

"I'd rather see a person with a natural mind and a processed head, than a processed mind and a natural head."-Erykah Badu

As of April 26, 2010, I started my journey of being natural. I am one of those Black women in which my Mother didn't know what to do with my hair, so she relaxed it when I was 6. Returning back to natural hair was liberating because I never rocked it natural in my teens and young adulthood and I just knew that the fade was going to attract a different vibes and tribe.  I remember being a slave to harsh chemicals and going to the hair salon twice or three times a month. I was one of those sistahs who planned workout routines, certain events/dates around my hair appointment, and other things around the condition of my hair. To be honest, I was addicted to getting my hair done and I was known to my friends, family, and others as the one to have the latest hairstyles. I always felt that hair is hair just like grass is grass both things grow while receiving proper treatment. I went from having long hair as a child, bobs, long ponytails, wraps, braids, finger waves, winter ash streaks, short hair, and now my fade! Having just about every hairstyle known to mankind except a Jheri Curl, I was not addicted to a certain style but addicted to the relaxers. When 6-8 weeks came around to get my "touch up", I dreaded that visit to my local beautician. Why you may ask, because I either scratched the crap out of scalp,in which it was going to cause a chemical burn, sitting in the salon all day, and sleeping awkwardly to preserve that newness of the recent hairstyle. 

When I decided to go natural, I thought loooong and hard about this decision, I thought about how I was going to transition whether I was going to let the perm grow out or do the Big Chop. I thought about my personal thoughts and mindset, my family, friends, and disposition as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. When I finally decided to do the Big Chop, everyone's thoughts and feelings went out the window except my own. Everyone could have disapproved of my recent transition but at the end of the day it was my own hair and my own decision. We are all human beings who are seeking for social belonging at the end of the day, I had to live with my decision and adjust to my new look. I am thankful for honest and real family and friends! Big Ups to all of you guys.

I noticed as an African American woman, we are "defined" by our hair. If your hair is in a relaxed state, it seem as if society accepts you more compared to being natural. When I went to perform the Big Chop, the professional stylist continuously asked me if I was sure about cutting my hair. I looked at him and insisted him to proceed with the Big Chop. He kept telling me that I am "too pretty" and have "pretty hair" for it to be cut all off! 

SN: What is pretty hair? Healthy hair or relaxed hair? If people answer relaxed hair, you are wrong for many reasons, that person hair may look healthy but could be a different story and putting various chemicals in your hair could stunt the hair follicles which can stunt the hair growth. I thanked the stylist for his compliments and concerns but told him to proceed with the cutting. He also asked me about my man's concerns in which, I felt he was crossing the boundaries of my marriage. After the Big Chop, all of a sudden, I looked "exotic" and "naturally beautiful" according to the stylist. Yeah, yeah whatever! LOL! 

Don't be afraid of rocking your hair in it's natural state. Hair is hair. Hair grows back. Your hair is your crown and glory. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Heal Your Inner FLY Girl: You Are Good Enough!

Somewhere along the line someone or an event indicated we are not good enough. We question ourselves, second guess ourselves and allow the self-doubt creep in like a thief in the night. We need to check people and check ourselves when we want to go back into that dark place. Adult bullying is real. Many people are suffering from low self-esteem which is causing us to stay stuck and unfulfilled.
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Peace, Love, and FLYness,