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Healing Your Inner FLY Girl coaching focuses on healing the whole person (mind, body, spirit, emotions, economics, and past unhealed issues). You can't move forward as a fragmented person. When you hurt in one area, you are hurting and unhealed in all areas.

Healing Your Inner FLY Girl is essential for every young girl and women who are going through health issues such as thyroid disease, fibroids, infertility, lifestyle transitions, such as unemployment, underemployment, misdiagnosed diseases, breakups (friendships and relationships) and all holistic wellness.

Services include:

  • Self-Expressive Coaching: Finding Your Voice and Using Your Voice after 
  • Passion and Purpose mapping: Mapping a Plan B After Graduation, Job Loss, Relationship Loss and any kind of loss
  • Goal Setting Coaching: Setting, Planning, and Achieving Short, Mid, and Long-Term Goals
  • Self-Care for Brown Girls: Discovering the true meaning of your life while identifying your essential needs to restore your confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, and caring for yourself. 
  • Lifestyle transition kit filled with self-preservation, self-care, self-love, leadership, relaxation, and mindfulness tools
  • Wellness Coaching: specializing in Fibroid and thyroid coaching: How to shrink your fibroid, should you get surgery, what surgery is best for you, discovering the symptoms of fibroids, herbs, teas, and essential oils to help prepare you for shrinking the fibroids or surgery, pre-surgery tools such as fibroid friendly food and gentle exercise chart, advocacy on the best care for you, and pre and post fibroid/thyroid healing coaching

I invite you to schedule a 30-minute complimentary "Discovery Call" to explore your next steps towards living a health, wholeness, and fearless life.

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