Wednesday, June 24, 2020

TCP: Surviving Sisterhood

By a show of hand or slow head nod, how many of you have been hurt by someone you called “Sis”? How many of you struggle to move past the disappointment, pain, drama, and trauma of that sisterhood? If you have answered yes to these questions, let's chat! Many of us have been hurt by someone or a tribe of women with whom we shared secrets, laughs, ugly cries, and life-changing moments. We are often blinded by the red flags, hateful, and toxic behavior masked by jokes, slander, lies, and gossip. Sisterhood isn’t always Instagram pics at brunch drinking endless mimosas. Sisterhood is a sacred sister circle, rites of passage of Black womanhood, a safe space to lay your burdens down about personal and professional issues, and not worrying about judgment or having your business in the streets. But that’s not always the case! Sometimes sisterhood is painful, and women are used to achieving goals and plans or project statuses of success or the upper class. In this open and safe space, we will discuss the tough topic of surviving sisterhood.
Recognizing the “red flags” of those you call “Sis.”
Surviving and healing from the abusive and toxic sisterhood
Protecting yourself and understand the grief process when you end a toxic relationship
Finding a sisterhood that is in alignment with your values, beliefs, and authentic self

Creating healthy boundaries and understanding why reciprocal energy is essential for a healthy sisterhood to thrive and impact positively others

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