Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Brown Girl Branding: Pay Black People

Please stop asking Black people to work for free99. You wouldn’t work for free so please don’t expect me to do the same! Please stop it! Please stop asking to pick our brains, please stop saying you are going to invest in services and get ghost when that invoice and contracts are drawn and emailed to you! Just stop with the flattery. Stop gassing people up because we know we are dope and know our worth!
Just be honest and admit you aren’t ready to put the work in, you can’t afford to invest in the services, or insert your favorite excuse. I refuse to accept the excuses because it is a waste of time.
*My parents, grandparents and ancestors worked too hard for me to accept low level frequency and no pay!*

If you are reading this understand that I know my worth and have been building on my worth for a very long time. Please understand what your worth it. Don't give people the run around! Communicate effectively and efficiently if you are unable to keep your word. Be impeccable with your word and actions. 

Article of Reference: 

Black Americans Are Working More—With Little to Show for It Despite working more every year, earnings gaps aren’t improving.


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