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Healing Your Inner FLY Girl coaching focuses on healing the whole person (mind, body, spirit, emotions, economics, and past unhealed issues). You can't move forward as a fragmented person. When you hurt in one area, you are hurting and unhealed in all areas.

                                                                                                                              Services include:
  • Self-Expressive Coaching/Mapping: Finding Your Voice and Using Your Voice after a lifestyle transition, such as loss of a relationship, death, unemployment, experiencing racism, workplace bullying, coexisting in a toxic and abusive relationship 
  • Mapping a Plan B After Undergraduate and Graduate School Graduation: Leadership and Community Development, Personal Branding, and Career Pathway 
  • Goal Setting: Setting, Planning, and Achieving Short, Mid, and Long-Term Goals
  • Self-Care for Brown Girls: Discovering the true meaning of your life while identifying your essential needs to restore your confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, and caring for yourself while dealing with anxiousness
  • Lifestyle transition kit filled with self-preservation, self-care, self-love, leadership, relaxation, and mindfulness tools

I invite you to schedule a 30-minute complimentary "Discovery Call" to explore your next steps towards living a healthy, whole, and fearless life.

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