Friday, September 6, 2019

Black Student Success: Seniors, How Y'all Feeling?

Seniors....this is one of the best, stressful, memorable, and dopest time of your life that you must truly cherish but think fast. What's your transition plan? Hold up, wait a minute, you don't have one? Check out the video for a quick planning session.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Black Student Success: Back in Session

School is back in session and I am back to dropping more gems for my college students. You don't have to be a traditional or non-traditional college student to be successful. Check out the latest episode on college, how to obtain resources to make you successful in college, why you should practice good hygiene and grooming, and what it is going to take to get to the next level in college and in life.

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Love and light,

Ms. Drea

Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Careerist Project Life and Career Group Coaching Program

The Careerist Project Career & Life Group Coaching Program is Here!! The Project is a joint coaching venture between Moore Impactful Career Consulting, LLC and Brown Girl From Boston. We joined forces to help individuals enhance their personal and professional skills and development. We are here to help those transfer their skills to pay the bills, establish a stable and secure life.

The Careerist Project also redefines the meaning of gaining life and career success by any means necessary, by developing individuals' skills and knowledge to transition them into pathways they truly enjoy.

Are you in a job that leaves you uninspired, stressed and unsure of next steps? Let us help you transition into a successful career by developing your knowledge and skills.

Please check out the video below for further information on The Careerist Project:

In the video, we explained The Project, share some important skills employers are looking for and how to join our career and life group coaching program. This week ONLY we are offering a free coaching session with Andrea or Shemika and waiving the application fee if you join by Friday.

The program structure is:

·      We Meet Virtually for 12 Weeks
·      Wednesdays, September 4th – November 20th
·      We will review Weekly Career & Life Topics
·      Homework Assignments
·      Receive Video Recordings after each session

For those who are looking to develop certain skills, we will have Drop-in Sessions
TCP will provide a support system and network of like-minded individual, along with 2 certified career and life coaches.

Here's what we will cover during our 12-weeks with you:

·      Branding
·      Building Your Confidence for Professional Success
·      Career Strategy Planning
·      Check Yourself Before You Wreck Your Career: Social Media Check, Background and Credit Check
·      Communicating with Impact
·      Discovering Your Strengths and Transferable Skills
·      Dress for Who You Are Becoming: Professional and Stylish Wear
·      Getting Clear on Your Career Goals
·      Interview Preparation
·      Job Searching for the Right One
·      This is Your Life: Career, Life, Health & Others

By the time you complete the program, you will have clarity on your career and personal goals, skills that pay and the next steps take towards achieving your goals with confidence to build a successful career and life.

What’s next?

·      Email us at, if you are interested
·      Complete Application by clicking the link above
·      $25.00 application fee, required (waived until THIS Friday only)
·      Schedule a 15-minute Intake Video Conference Call with Drea and Shemika
·      Pay Program Cost of $497.00 per person (Payment Plan available by request only) – Invoice will be sent once Intake is completed

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Careerist Project Lunch and Learn

The Careerist Project Virtual Lunch and Learn session with Moore Impactful Career Consulting, LLC and Brown Girl From Boston! During this lunch and learn we discuss the purpose of career coaching, why you should develop your soft skills, why Summer is the best time to change careers and job search.

Join our 1st cohort:

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Are You An Effective Leader?

1. You cannot consider yourself a leader if you don't take ownership and accountability for your behavior and actions.
2. You cannot consider yourself a leader if you don't exude standards, error, humanity, and excellence.
3. You cannot consider yourself a leader if you are constantly showing up late without a proper explanation. I don't do CPT and I don't allow that because it is disrespect and unprofessional. You just don't show up late consistently and think people are going to rock with excuses, Nah. Get a digital calendar and plan out your meetings accordingly. Learn some time management and organizational skills.
4. You cannot consider yourself a leader if you don't advocate for yourself and your tribe. If you are constantly throwing folks underneath the bus, you need to reevaluate your devious and immature actions.
5. You cannot consider yourself a leader if you don't know how to practice self-control, discipline, and emotions. Your tribe shouldn't have to walk on eggshells because you have anger issues, hyper-sensitive, refuse to listen especially to feedback to help grow and progress forward. Yelling, cursing, and throwing temper tantrums isn't going to get you far. Invest in a therapist to help you heal and invest in a coach to help guide, coach, and sharpen your leadership skills.
Thanks for attending Drea's leadership laser coaching session!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Join the Careerist Project: Lunch and Learn!

Join Brown Girl From Boston and Moore Impactful Career Consulting, LLC for our upcoming The Careerist Project: Lunch & Learn Series next Friday, July 26 at 1:00pm EST.
We will discuss the Top 10 Most Sought After Soft Skills employers are seeking and Tips on How to Transition to Success in Your Life and Career.
Mark your calendars and sign up today to stay connected and learn about future Lunch and Learn Webinars at