Thursday, August 4, 2022

What are your intentions?

Remember these definitions before actively pursuing someone for anything. Ask yourself and ask others, “What are your intentions?” before moving forward with anything.
Do their words and actions align?
You need to have a clear understanding of the goal, purpose, or plan. Folks on the receiving end, please don't just settle for aimless, unclear, and let's just go with the flow rhetoric due to loneliness or desperation.
Playtime is over. It's time to build, elevate and ascend to the next level. Stop allowing purposeless people to have accessibility to you, your time, your peace, and your energy.

Welcome the Blessings

Everything you prayed for is coming but you have to be ready to openly receive the blessings! Are you ready? You deserve the abundance, peace, love, and blessings coming your way!

Privacy Is Power

Privacy is power! You have to be careful who you share intimate details with. Everyone isn't rooting for you, and some people will weaponize you with the information you shared. 2 Thessalonians 3:11-13: We hear that some among you are idle and disruptive. They are not busy; they are busybodies. In other words, get busy, focus on your purpose, and stay in your lane.

Get Well, Flyness: Saturday Self-Care Edition

We have to stop being our biggest critics while navigating critical and disempowered people on a daily basis. There's a difference between criticism and feedback. Negativity begets negativity

I want you to practice speaking, thinking, and treating yourself with care and love.

Take pride in your appearance, hygiene, and overall grooming. Sit down today and write down the last time you went to the doctor, dentist, or specialist. Don't like your body, write down what you are going to work on feeling good, looking good, and being good by working on your mind, body, and spirit.

If you want to make a change, you have to change your attitude and perspective on life and do the inner work. No shortcuts or tapping out during difficult times. It builds your character and resilience.

Small steps will help you to conquer the major steps. While you're conquering baby steps, I want you to unlearn and dismantle that inner critic within yourself. It's not going to be an overnight process, it might be a lifelong journey but it's worth it.

Think highly about yourself. Treat yourself with the utmost respect and be the blueprint of how others treat you and yourself. Speak to yourself in the most empowering and uplifting manner


Brown Girl Joy

Joy is a great feeling of pleasure and happiness. 
Joy is a choice. 
Joy is living life on your terms. 
Joy is leaving relationships and environments that are toxic and bad for our overall health. 
Joy is knowing and getting everything you deserve. 
Joy is living a life full of purpose, ease, luxury, and love Joy is contagious. 
Joy is liberating. Joy is peaceful and committing to inner peace even in the midst of chaos. 
Joy is able to get back up without aches and pains from doing this Fly Girl pose without assistance.
Joy is our birthright! To experience joy, please commit to doing your inner work. Commit to doing less and experience the joyful life you deserve.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Brown Girl July's Journal Prompts: Self-Improvement and Self-Determination

Journaling is an emotional and non-judgemental release done in a private setting. Journaling is a self-expressive and therapeutic tool to help with healing your inner self, reprogramming your self-talk, and rediscovering who you are, where you are currently at, and where you want to go. As a Clinician, licensed social worker, and Professor, I highly encourage my students in my various classes to journal to monitor growth, areas of self-improvement, trials, triumphs, aha moments, areas of healing, triggers, and trauma. Personally, journaling helps me to navigate the good, and bad, and life challenges and keeps me accountable to enhance my inner and outer self. 

Journaling can be a few words, a paragraph, or pages! It is all up to you, your energy, and the level of releasing you need while journaling. Journaling can be recorded via written content, visual content, or audio content. Challenge yourself to do a mixture of all three, especially if you are on the go and can't access your journaling notebook. Do not limit yourself and self-expression when it comes to journaling. It is the living document of your lived experiences.