Friday, September 29, 2017

Benton Nissan

I want to debut my first commercial with the Brown Girl Tribe!
I’m excited that I was at least in three shots. S/O to my husband on the commercial, Kenzie, for giving me pointers from acting classes. This isn’t my first rodeo on being on television. I am excited that I was able to have my confidence build up enough to even submit my headshot and portfolio after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and fibroids which altered my outer looks but didn’t hinder my inner FLYness. 
Sometimes, you have to make bold moves to step into your purpose and life Assignment. I’m not saying being an actress is my life Assignment but I’m saying what is for you is for you despite how you may see yourself. While you may temporarily see “ugliness” someone may see beauty and gracefulness. 
Keep chasing purpose not paper. Keep cultivating your inner FLYness and beauty. You never know who you are inspiring!
My first commercial with Benton Nissan!
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