Saturday, May 24, 2014

Are You A Goal Getter?

                                             "Set goals so simple they're laughable."

For as long as I can remember, I have been a goal-getter. Before every school year since the age of 4, I set achievable and measurable goals. I set goals from winning student of the month to applying to my dream University. (S/O to my Alma mater, Tuskegee University) Back to the topic, I am known as my family's goal-getter and setter, and I am held accountable for achieving my goals. My mom is one of my accountability partners, and she supports and reminds me of the plans I have completed and the ones that I will continue to perform.

I set small, laughable goals, such as cleaning my walk-in closet monthly. This goal may seem trivial to some and unachievable to some, but I am reminded that I must achieve this goal for the greater good of gaining clarity, de-cluttering my closet, and donating items for those in need. When I set goals, I also make an action plan/steps to achieve the goal.

Goals require action! You become a goal-setter when you don't try to achieve your goals. You babysit your goals by writing them down, you pacify them by suppressing them, and unfortunately, you bring death to your dreams by being half-hearted, passive, and indecisive about whether you are good enough to achieve them. I am here to let you know you are good enough to achieve your goals.   Don't bring death to your goals; breathe life into your dreams and go forth and achieve them!

Four Ways To Be A Goal Getter:

Remember, you can set goals before the New Year. Plans are meant to be fixed and replaced at any given moment. Set simple goals, achieve them, and replace them with more goals. Below, I'll provide three ways to be a goal-getter.

Visualize Your Goals: We all are creative and innovative human beings. However, we somehow got away with daydreaming about our dreams. Spend at least ten minutes daily visualizing yourself living your ideal life. Once you imagine yourself actively living your perfect life, write what you envision yourself doing and feeling.

Write Down Your Goals: Start with 3 to five goals and write them down in a goal book. A goal book is excellent to have because that book is dedicated to your purposes only. Look at your goal book daily and measure where you are achieving your goals. Are you a week, a month, or a year from reaching a particular purpose. What actions have you taken or are you taking to achieve that goal?

Have An Accountability Partner: You don't have to achieve your goals alone. Do you have a trustworthy, mature, assertive, and responsible person who will hold you accountable to achieve your goals? This person must be willing to collaborate and directly communicate with you. This person should be your coach and cheerleader wrapped into one and know when to give you a tough love or a pep talk when you feel stuck to become unstuck.

Replace A Goal With A Goal: You just achieve a goal and cross it off your list. Yay for you! Your next step is to replace that goal with another achievable and measurable one. In life, we never arrive at our final destination. We are always a work in progress, and that's a fantastic thing about life.

Remember, they aren't big enough if your goals don't scare you. You want to turn your dreams into reality by being a goal-getter. Don't sit on your goals because you will be stuck while life quickly passes you. Don't be a "woulda, coulda, shoulda" person. You got this!

My question to you is, what goal do you want to turn into reality? What action steps have you taken to achieve your goals?

Thank you for reading Brown Girl From Boston! Comment, share your goals, or simply say hello! Love you all!


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