Monday, May 26, 2014

Do You Know What Today Is: It's My Three Year Wedding Anniversary!

                                         "It's Our Anniversary, Anniversary
                                          It's Our Anniversary" -Tony! Toni! Tone!-Anniversary

On May 26, 2011, my husband and I tied the knot in a quaint and private ceremony in North Attleboro, MA at the Justice of the Peace's home. I believe from the age of 14 when my husband and I first met, he knew he was going to marry me. I am blessed that we grew and developed our friendship to last 17 years and counting. I am excited to celebrate three years of blissful, holy matrimony. 

In 2013, we really didn't celebrate our wedding anniversary because we decided to renew our vows by having a Nigerian-American wedding, in which, we finally told the rest of our friends and family that we were actually married for two years. We thought it was hilarious because the look on everyone's face was priceless. My husband and I like to dance to our own beat and do our own thing. I guess that's the rebellion spirit of being the youngest in our family. 

I decided to write a blog post to not only celebrate my three year anniversary with the rest of the world but to give three survival tips of marriage. I am not a relationship expert but my husband and I have survived three years of married without killing one another. (LOL) Check out the three survival tips below.

Three Survival Tips of Marriage:

1. Marriage is a work in progress! Lawd, have mercy, once you think you have a handle of your marriage, you are blindsided by something else. I don't care how long you've been married, you will never arrived at your final destination. For instance, I've known my husband for 17 years and every time I think I know him, he blindside me with something new to learn. I will never know everything about this man. My husband and I understand that marriage is a work in progress in which we are committed to working through the highs and lows of our marriage. 

2. Fight/Argue Fair! Throwing arounds words such as "divorce" to control the argument or your spouse is not worth it. You are actually speaking your divorce and downfall into an existence Don't ever throw your spouse past, something they struggle with or hurtful things during an argument to try to win. "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." Proverbs 18:21. I rather speak life and uplift my husband rather than degrading him and myself just to win an argument. Therefore, If you are both under the influence, sleepy or had a terrible day at work, pick another time to have the hard conversations. Be direct, clear, clean and complete when communicating with one another. 

3. Marriage is not 50/50 but it is 100/100! When you enter into a marriage, you should be equally yoked and whole. People think that marriage should be 50/50. When I think about a 50/50 relationship, I think of living with a roommate in which you are splitting the rent and utility bills. In a marriage, you don't keep score nor do you take and never receive. Marriage should be reciprocal and collaborative. Both partners should be working together to build a happy, healthy and solid marriage. In a 100/100 marriage, everyone participate in making the marriage work. So, throw away the image of that's a man's job/role or a woman's job/role, you should be supporting one another and working toward a common goal. 

Time flies when you are having fun with your best friend. When you are married and committed to the right person it is a beautiful thing that you shouldn't take for granted. I want to wish my husband, my best friend, my love and partner in crime, Charles David Imafidon a happy three year anniversary with many more to come! You are the best baby!

Thank you for reading, Brown Girl From Boston blog!

What tips would you add to survive and thrive in a marriage? Comment or share if you are married or desired to be married. Look forward to hearing from you all.

Love always

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