Monday, May 12, 2014

Dysfunction Junction: Why Do We Thrive on Malfunction?

            "We live in a bipolar, microwavable society in which people thrive off of dysfunction." -Drea Camille

Today I was on and off my main social media network because 1.  I didn't feel like hearing the same "Monday Blues" and 2.  I just didn't feel like allowing my energy to be drained. As we all know, Monday roll around every week, so please stop being surprised when Monday roll around again. Stop hating on Monday and embrace Miss Monday, she didn't do anything to anyone but start off the week. 3. A dysfunctional and inappropriate tape leaked of a few celebrities getting into a scuffle over who knows what because a. None of us was there, b. That's between the parties involved and c. It is not my business nor place to judge because it is not my position nor do I want it to be. I am trying to maintain my sanity, personal, and professional life never mind trying to figure out why someone that I don't know and may not ever know did something that I have no control over. 

We can assess, speculate and gather every thought and opinion about various situations but we must stop thriving on malfunction and dysfunctional situations and circumstances.  Whenever I read, view or hear anything that is dysfunctional, my energy become drained because nothing good comes from these situations or circumstances. I look at these situations as emotional vampires because it sucks your energy and leave you thinking why did I allow that to happen. We have to be mindful and present whenever we indulge in dysfunction and malfunction behaviors and circumstances. We have all been in these situations and below I wrote ways on how we unfortunately thrive on dysfunction and ways we can grow and thrive in life without being involve in dysfunction and malfunction environments and behaviors. 

Three Ways We Thrive on Dysfunction:
  1. Your Life Mirror Dysfunction. If your house is a mess, your life is a mess. The word house can mean your actually house, your life, your essence, your mind but you get the point. If these things are a mess and full of dysfunction behaviors and actions, it can cloud your judgement and life.  Take a quick assessment of your life, look at the people you surround yourself with, do they always have some kind of drama and chaos going in. 
  2. Dysfunction is Entertaining and Contagious . You DVR your favorite reality shows and you update your statues and tweets. You also think it is cool to take shots at people via subliminal messages.  You think it is copacetic to put your personal and professional relationships on blast via social media because everyone else is doing it. Some people love when you post your dysfunction because you will be the topic of discussion and the laughing stock of social media. No one will take you nor your relationships due to being dysfunctional.  
  3. Personal and Professional Life is Dysfunctional. You live in chaos and you work in chaos. You bring your dysfunction to your work place such as bringing your negative energy from home to the workplace and vice versus. If you always complain to others or social media about dysfunction and never take accountability and responsibility for your role, you will continue to live in dysfunction. 
Three Ways We Can Grow and Thrive Without Being Dysfunctional:
  1. Break The Cycle:  Be firm and stand for right. You don't have to be a follower. You can easily break the cycle of dysfunctional behavior and circumstances. Shift your mindset, surround yourself with like-minded people and things. Just because you come from dysfunction, doesn't mean you have to continue to live and indulge in dysfunction. Start small such as if your house is literally a mess, start cleaning a room at a time. You can start cleaning out your closet and donate clothes you haven't worn in months or even years.
  2. Realistic Goal-Setting:  Go get a blank piece of paper and start writing down your short and long term goals you want to achieve.  What are some things you want and need to accomplish? Have your wrote those things down and actually developed an action plan on developing them? If the answer is no, what are your waiting for. Unplug from dysfunctional activities, people and things and achieve your goals and dreams. 
  3. Get Out of Your Way:  In order for you to be successful and accomplish your goals and dreams, you must first get out of your feelings and get out of your way to be successful. When we get out of our way and feelings, we can grow and thrive in appropriate way. Getting out of your way means you must go against the grain, be a leader and get out of your comfortable. If you are comfortable, you are not growing. 

Thank you for reading! I want to hear from you on why do we thrive on dysfunction and malfunction. Share your thoughts and opinions. Look forward to hearing from you and please share Brown Girl From Boston blog.

Stay Beautiful and Brainy!

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