Friday, May 22, 2020

Mini Business/Side Hustle Plan

Hey Tribe, I have created a free and simply mini business plan that should help all creative and social entrepreneurs to map out your side hustle/small business needs.

1. Your WHY/Mission/Vision- In order for you to upstart your side hustle/small business, you need to know why you are starting in the first place. This is called storytelling/your pitch. People usually connect with you due to your story. We all have a story to share and when you are in business, people want to know your story and you need to know your why. Take a few minutes to think about your why and write it down.

2. #Goals #Goals #Goal: You should have personal goals, professional goals and business goals. These goals will help you and your business to grow. When you sit down to write your goals think BIG because this is "Do or Die" time when starting and growing a business. Don't shrink yourself or your goals. You goals should consist of happiness. How much money do you want your business to make? Location-free business? International business? Local business? This is when you are going to explore your goals, write them down, develop a timeline, 3-5 action plans to achieve goals and get it in. No shortcuts. No shrinking your greatness. Make sure your goals are achievable and realistic.

3. Who is your business for? Your target market? This piece of business is very pertinent because you need to research, know your customer,can they afford your services/products, see your customer before they see you, solve their problems, understand their goals, know where they shop, their hopes, dreams, and etc. You need to flush out this section. Be very descriptive. Give your ideal customer a name. Gender. Where do they live? What do they drive? Martial status? Educational status? Location? Traveler? Nationality? Ethnicity? Music genre of choice? How much do they make? Brands they love? Personality? What they do for a living? What are some things they hope and dream? Volunteer? This will help you to know your customer and start creating products and services based on what you have wrote down.

4. Social Media Platforms/Where are your customers? Do they like social media? Are they on Facebook? IG? Have Twitter fingers? Pinterest? Snapchat? Love emails? Love text message? Where do you clients communicate the most on?

5. What are your services/products? Do you have affordable pricing? Have you sent out surveys and received feedback back? Focus groups? Giveaways and contests? Appropriate labeling? Why should anyone purchase your services/products? How many streams of income can you create from your products/services?

6. Outside Activity: Do you attend vending events? Networking events? Have business cards? Go to conferences? Public speaker? Enter pitching contests? Participate in your local incubators? Chamber of Commerce? ETC

7. How many coins do you need to start your business/side hustle? There are plenty of grants you can apply to start your business. You have loans, microloans, and other kinds of business loans. Do you have a separate business account? Can you start your business right now without any funding or funding from your own pockets?

This mini business plan should keep your business. This is the primary stage to see how to operate your side hustle with a plan and vision.

Please share this mini business plan with your fellow side hustlers, creatives, and social entrepreneurs. Let's get paid and not played for our creativity.

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