Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Matter, She Matter, We Matter: #Womenslives Introduction

Beautiful Ones, as you know I am all about women empowerment, making our voice heard by showing up and showing out in everything we do. As a woman, I had my fair share of mountains, peaks, and valleys I have journeyed through. One of the reasons why I started Brown Girl From Boston tribe is to empower like minded women to overcome the temporary tough times, invest and commit in ourselves, celebrate and embrace our achievements and not settle for good but achieve unlimited greatness in a fearlessly and unapologetic way.

When I blog, I give a voice, power and hope to women to pursue their passion and life purpose right where they are at in life. As women, we often forget to validate and confirm ourselves, we forget to take care of ourselves due to learned guilt, we forget that we possess an unlimited greatness, power and divine energy that no one can take away from us because the Higher Being created us with it. We try to be everything to everyone while watering down our beautiful essence. Ladies, you can't be everything to everyone because everyone is responsible for their actions and life. Once upon a time, I have neglected my true purpose and passion to fit in this "box" that others wanted to place me in. I bust through the box and start running towards my passion. I too was unclear on where I am going, what am I suppose to do and how I am going to do it. This year I have made a commitment to tap into my unlimited greatness and when I did the door of opportunities started to fly open.

One morning during my meditation and prayer time, I prayed about being fearless when a huge opportunity came my way. I kept seeing myself with a sea of like minded women with my mom in the audience telling me how great of a job I did being patient and persistent by pursuing my passion and purpose. Once I wrapped up my meditation and prayer time, I checked my emails and experienced weakness of the knees and an opportunity that I couldn't refused to provide my voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless.

Brown Girl From Boston partnered with #PRI #BlogHer and #SheKnows to spread awareness called Across Women's Lives (#womenslives). I couldn't refuse this partnership because I, too, am a woman like Sojourner Truth stated during a speech about the trials and tribulations of African-Americans during  slavery and post slavery but allowing her voice to flow and be strong enough to stated that she is a woman despite her skin complexion and life journey.

During this period of the #womenslives campaign, I will speak my truth, spread awareness in a loving and authentic manner. I am going to share other women's voices and stories along with statistics that will remind of the role we need to play as women being equal in the world. I hope you all will enjoy the stories and campaign because we are going to bring greatness in an authentic and loving manner. I hope you all are ready because I am. Being a woman especially a woman of color this campaign is very important to me because I have endure a lot of suffering, struggling and silence by being bullied in the workplace, being a child of divorce parents, seeing my mother being battered, finding myself in abusive relationships and being a young divorcee but still I have overcame and I rise because I am a survivor and a victor! I refuse to suffering in silence and I refuse to allow women to continue to suffering in silence because you matter, I matter, and we matter. #womenslive
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