Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stop Killing Your Vibe: 4 Ways to be Creative with Courage

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou

Day in and day out we give ourselves permission and others to kill our creative vibe. Many times we limit us to discover our life's passion and purpose. We stand in our own way when it come to self-exploration of our deepest passion and life's purpose. We also give permission to others to label us and what we should be doing and take their opinions of our life and continue to live in a dark place in order to please others while we are dumbing our standards and expectation of our greatness.

Drea's Confession of this past week: I held myself and mind captive and allow unnecessary things and people killed my creative vibe. I had to sit in my feelings, de-clutter my mind from the mucky and mess and get reconnected to my purpose which is to serve, uplight, empower and encourage my readers especially my brown girls find their way! The ugly truth, I open Pandora's Box and had to face some hard truths about being this stuck this week. I hope this blog post will help those who are stuck temporarily help you to understand, listen and bring about a solution to press forward to spark the creativity.

I am sure many of you are curious to know how I broke free from my creative vibe killer, with the help of being around my girls from Girl Scouts', discovering and downloading new and old music while blasting it on a sunny and warm Friday, I was happy, liberated and enjoyed the creativity vibes. We all go through some kind of mental block but we must figure out a way to go from being stuck to unstuck.

This week I challenge you to tapping into your creativity with courage. Listen to your innermost desires and reconstruct your thoughts. Here's how:

1. Set limitations and healthy boundaries: We live in an ADHD society in which we are bombarded by a million thoughts, TV shows, gossip, negativity and vibe killers. Many times, we don't have boundaries that protect ourselves or our thoughts. We must set healthy boundaries with ourselves and others. We cannot be everything to everyone. We must be FLY (First Love Yourself) before we can love others. When we are constantly trying to be everything to everyone, we become bitter, on the verge of burnout, and confused. Stop giving permission to those who are vibe killers and protect you and your creativity. What boundaries do you need to create today in order for you to become unstuck?

2. Leave Work at Work : Your home should be your peaceful, safe haven. Many of us are undercover workaholics. We are identifies by our jobs and titles, we talk about our jobs, clients, and work drama while we are out with friends and families. If you are constantly complaining about your work, coworkers, clients and work environment, more than likely you are not happy. Maybe your 9 to 5 is killing your creativity vibe and you need to turn your thoughts around. Start discovering your innermost passion and start working on how to turn your passion into profit.

3. Stop being a party pooper: There is nothing wrong with being a homebody and enjoy the comforts of your home but when you are existing rather than living that is a true sign that your creative vibe is being killed slowly. Stop being a party pooper and enjoy live. Try a new activity, go to a festival, try a new restaurant, listen to a different genre of music, go and experience something new. Stop rejecting new things and start embracing new experiences. Have fun and be the life of the party for once.

4. Be still: Going back to #1, we live in an ADHD society in which people don't know how to be still in the hustle and bustle of world. As human beings in 2014, we always preoccupied with our next unknown move. That's a shame that we must unplug from reality to be still. We are sensitive to being wired and plugged to others day in and day out. Take at least 15-30 minutes a day to unplug from society. Get out the house, ask your sister-friend out for coffee and face to face conversation, read, lay on your coach in silence and just sit with your thoughts. Being still is so important and beautiful because the higher being/God will reveal some powerful stuff to you. When you are constantly bombarded by stuff, your vibe and energy will be killed.

My challenge to you this week: I want you to be creative with courage. Say no to people and things that no longer serve or uplift you. Say no to limiting beliefs about yourself. You can live your life boldly and out loud. Evaluate each lesson from 1-4 above. Do your life reflect one or all of these things? If so, are you what changes are you willing to make to discover your innermost passion and life's purpose? Jot down what your ideal scenario/day would look like once your to transition your thoughts.

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