Thursday, September 24, 2015

Are You Ready to Start Your Startup?

Hey FLYness,

Happy Sunday. I hope you are truly enjoying your Sunday. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday. I have run in my third 5k marathon this year. Today, I ran in the Color Run 5k and it was fun, colorful and happy. They call it the happiest 5k and all I witnessed was happy people in the place to be. I was extremely happy to witness my hometown football team, The New England Patriots put a whopping on the Jacksonville Jaguars (51-17)! Sorry to all my Jaguars fans!

I hope you did something amazing and out of the box this weekend. 

I know so many are dreading that it is Sunday evening knowing that Monday is a few hours away. I understand that many people are living for the weekend because they absolutely despise their jobs, despise their supervisor, despite being the only Black person, despite not getting paid the salary you deserve while you are building someone else's empires and goals. You despise being treated unfairly and take the emotional and psychological abuse because you have the paid the bills and have a livelihood to maintain. Did you know that workplace abuse is more common than ever and people don't report it? Did you know that internalizing that abuse and mistreatment at the workplace cause more havoc on your health then being unemployed?

You have to ask yourself why are you tolerating living life in a bubble? Why are you not maximizing your full potential? When are you going to say goodbye to your 9 to 5? How long are you going to moan, groan, do the ugly cry every Sunday evening because Monday is right around the corner and you have to deal with that abusive environment? Stop settling for a JOB (Just Over Broke) and start saying goodbye to your 9 to 5 by starting your startup.

Instead of daydreaming and wishing for financial independence and career independence, let's get you set up for your dream job of running your own business. Start Your Startup is a five-week group coaching program that will jumpstart or restructure your existing startup. 

Are you ready to Start Your Startup? 

Have a peaceful and restful Sunday and an amazing week, FLYness!

Be FLY, Love Yourself, Love Others and be the light!

Love and Light,
The FLYness Coach

P.S. I want to gift you with my goal setting workbook: Manifesting Your Greatness. This goal setting book is for those who are looking to set achievable goals. The worksheets are already prepared for your daily, weekly and monthly use. All you have to do is download the workbook, take your vision and break it down to action steps, deadlines and do the work. Make sure you share the link to the workbook with your community of people. We all have goals that we want and need to commit to. If you have any further questions about the workbook, email me at

Manifesting Your Greatness

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