Thursday, January 21, 2016

Manifest Your New Year

           Learn how to truly invest, committed, and manifest (getting clear) on the life you deserve! 

Is this you?
Is this you? You're are a driven woman who works hard to make a decent living, a difference in the world but you still don't feel great about yourself? You know you have a gift to share, kind of know your purpose and understand what you are passionate about, but still second-guess yourself and your greatness. People always tell you that your life is well put together but deep down, you are a hot mess and you don't want to expose your imperfections and insecurities but you continue to suffer in silence because day in and day out. You are the one who supports people's dreams and goals. You are the one who inspire others. You are the one who suppose to have it together but don't. You are afraid of asking for help because you are the strong one. The one that everyone leans on, the rock. You can't go another minute, another hour, another day, another month or another year living like this. Now is the time to start creating and manifesting the life you want and deserve to live. 

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You keep asking yourself: 
  • What happened to my life?
  • I didn't picture my life to be this way at my age.
  • Why can't I stick to achieving my goals and dreams? 
  • Why am I still holding onto certain people who don't want the best for me?
  • My house is a mess and my life is even a hot mess! Why?
  • I want to invest and commit to my inner FLYness to manifest greatness, but I don't think I can or know how to!

We have asked ourselves these questions countless times and remain stuck because we are not truly ready to invest and commit to our manifestation. We are lacking motivation. We are lacking willpower. We are lacking accountability. We are lacking energy. We are borderline hopeless and helpless. Today, the pity party is canceled. 

Today, we are going to say Yes to  Manifesting Our New Year (Register)

How It Works?
  1. For four weeks, Andrea (Brown Girl From Boston) will host a live group coaching webinar every Wednesday evening.
  2. These sessions are live, allowing you to ask questions and coach with Andrea in a group coaching setting.
  3. If you can't make it to the live session, no worries! You'll be able to access the assignments and recorded sessions and complete the course at your own pace!
What You Will Learn
  • How to manifest the life you want to live
  • How to let go of toxic people who help keep you living a mediocre life?
  • Reconnect with your wiser and authentic part of yourself that loves you unconditionally
  • Silence your inner critic, recreate your inner story, and limit self-doubt, self-limiting, and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Cultivate unconditional self-acceptance, happiness, and FLYness
  • Get clear, concise, and direct with what you want and need for your and your life
  • Create a supportive tribe that will celebrate you, nurture you, love you for your true and authentic self
  • How to self-forgive and forgive others and develop a forgiveness practice?
  • Manifest your year and life via creating a vision board or writing a vision statement to manifest 
What You Will Get
  • Access to all recorded sessions
  • Access to Andrea in Real-Time
  • Growth Work (Homework) and Assignments
  • Exclusive invite to the Manifest Your New Year Facebook Group
  • A copy of "Manifesting Your Greatness: Goal Setting" ebook
Dates and Time of Classes
  • February 10, 2016: 7:30PM EST
  • February 17, 2016: 7:30 PM EST
  • February 24, 2016: 7:30 PM EST
  • March 2, 2016:        7:30 PM EST
Register: Manifest Your New Year


"I learned to narrow my focus and go after that what I'm passionate about." -Dr. Dee

I learned to not be so hard on myself and accept myself for where I am in my life right now." -Markita D. 

                   Participants from "Manifest Your New Year" Group Coaching Program

                                                         PRICING PLANS

Self-Study ($97) includes:
  • Access to recordings and Growth Work
  • Copy of Manifesting Your Greatness: Goal Setting ebook

Live Group Coaching ($147) includes: 
  • Access to Recordings
  • Copy of Manifesting Your Greatness: Goal Setting ebook
  • Access to live coaching with Andrea
  • Access to Private Facebook group
Manifest Your New Year

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