Monday, April 3, 2017

RIP To My Fibroid

#HealingMyInnerFLYGirl: From surgery to self-care, I am being extra gentle and loving with myself. Going through a major surgery in which you are under hours of anesthesia, getting incisions to being in pain; you are fragile.

I've repeated positive affirmations, breathe and visualize myself healing while going through the healing process:

1. I am on the road to healing to becoming the best version of myself.

2. Everything I am going through is a process to your growing progress.

3. I am courageous for sharing my story and having the ability to receive the surgery.

During this healing process, I have learned that I am courageous and stronger with each day going by. I refuse to think negative thoughts or receive negative vibes. Negativity doesn't help or heal anything. Negativity keeps you stagnant, unhealthy and not healed. I have been smiling, laughing, and did cry once. That's progress over perfection. I realize that accepting help from family and friends and standing still is the strength within itself.

Oh, and I am finally eating, y'all! Eating crackers, drinking broth, water, tea wasn't fun but remember progress over perfection. I want to Big Up everyone who sent prayers, well wishes, text messages, and calls. I am on the road to recovery to be the best version of myself.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about fibroids, clean eating and your options in the comment section or email me at

Peace, Love, and Fitness


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