Friday, May 18, 2018

Colorism Is WackAF: Time to Dead #TeamLightSkin vs #TeamDarkSkin

I love my Blackness!! I know we have to deal with a lot of ish on a daily basis from folks who don't really want us to exist nor see us win due to our color and resiliency. When we have to deal with racism, bigotry, combating failure in our neighborhood on top of daily unfairness; it is tiring. However, dealing with hatred from our own folks is even more disheartening.

Being Black in America is tiring and complex. When we deal with colorism within the Black Community, we are dealing with unresolved trauma and pain that stems from slavery. We often forget that America implemented the one-drop rule in which if you have one drop of blood, you are classified as Black. We often forget that being Black in America comes in all shades, shapes, and form. We all experience some kind of oppression, racism, and downright unfairness from the outside of the family to the inside of the Black family.

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