Friday, June 1, 2018

Stress Kills!!! Keep Your Stress In Check Before It Check You!

Stress is actually the underlying issue for majority of health issues such as strokes and heart attacks. Stress kills. Stress weakens the immune and cardiovascular system. Stress offsets mental health issues which manifest into physical health issues . We have to start identifying the stressful people, events, and things and start removing them from our life. Stop living a luxurious and unstable life trying to keep up with other working class poor people. 
Let’s keep it 💯 if you aren’t connected to wealth, struggling to pay bills despite having a decent income and you are one check or incident away from are working class poor. If you are Black living in America with limited of resources, no reparations, dealing with wealth, health, and sociopolitical inequality, NOW is the time to start reassessing success, aspirations, pooling our resources together, living intergenerational, and living a simple and stable but full life. 

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