Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Drea Knows Numbers! Rediscovering My Passion and Purpose Through Numerology

For the past year and some change, I’ve immersed myself in studying numerology with great minds like Lloyd Strahorn and King Simon. I have been studying, researching, reading, writing, and receiving readings by these two gentlemen. When I traveled to Havana, Cuba, my husband and I went on an Afro-Cuban tour of the beautiful village of Guanabacoa. During this tour, I learned about African spirituality, Santeria, and Yoruba culture. My husband and I decided to get a reading by the local Babalowa, which set me on the path to learning more about spirituality and readings.

During this time of my life, I was down and out, despite celebrating my wedding anniversary. I felt defeated because my husband and I lived upstairs from my parents; we were recovering from hardships such as a job loss and recent major surgery, which took a toll on our holistic lives. We quickly decided to sell most of our belongings and relocate to Alabama to restart our lives. I didn’t realize that taking a trip to Cuba, getting a reading, and reinventing myself would spark a change.

When my husband and I traveled to Cuba in 2018 (Our Personal Year 7), we didn’t realize how important this trip was going to set ablaze in our spiritual, emotional, and physical life. When we came back from that trip, our lives started to elevate. For instance, I was helping this year's lady with life. I helped her with her child's supervision, patronizing her business to get my hair braided, and helped her with school options and basic life skills. But deep down inside, this young lady was sitting back as an inactive participant in her own life. I remember pulling back from assisting her when she decided to disrespect me and my time. I went back to my reading in Cuba, and it was discovered that this would happen. I had to release this young lady with love because I had to choose myself.

Fast forward to 2019, I started studying numerology and seriously analyzing my birthday, and trying to piece together my purpose and the true meaning of my own life. I decided to purchase King Simon’s book, Number R Simple, People R Complicated, and study his book! This book continually blows my mind because the numbers paint a picture of your purpose, passion, life cycle, and how you can be empowered by it.

I was having difficulty in my life last summer, and I decided to read from Lloyd Strahorn. That reading blew my mind because he not only spoke life to my situation, but he encouraged and stretched my ideology and spirituality further. He helped me by connecting my spirituality to my WHY.

When I decided to connect both, I started seeing how my life started to unfold and understand how and why of things.

I remember this is too good to be true and decided to get a second reading done by King Simon because I needed another confirmation level. Well, not only did I get another profound confirmation, but he pushed me to revisit the reoccurring health issue that I have been dealing with for over 5 years. I sought out an alternative healing method called acupuncture.

Since getting both readings done, I realize a few things:
1. I don’t have a thyroid issue. I suffer from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. I had overworked myself, gave myself and my goodness away, and gave very little to myself, which caused chronic fatigue.
2. I went to an acupuncturist and Dr. Cherie ran some tests and Boom, no hypothyroid issues. Chile, I was furious, but I am thankful for Dr. Cherie because she is helping me balance and heal my energies, adrenals, and holistic health.
3. I have created stronger boundaries and more selfish with myself and time.
4. I spend time smelling the roses by doing things I truly love and putting them off.

I am currently in my Personal Year 9 (completion, cleansing, releasing, and preparing for new beginnings)! I started feeling the effects of the 52-day critical cycle before my birthday. When you are in this cycle, you have to address all the things you have swept under the rug by releasing, cleaning, forgiving, and revisiting. Whew, chile so much happens during the 52 Day critical cycle, therefore, be open-minded but cautious at the same time. You will be in your feelings, so think before you react!

Well, I remember feeling heavy emotionally and compelled to reach out to an old friend/college classmate after learning about a former friend/graduate school tribe member dying in a tragic car accident. My college classmate re-added me to Facebook, and this was my chance to forgive and catch up with him during Homecoming. Well, that went left quickly! Let’s just say I had to forgive and release my guy with ease because it was about that time.

In conclusion, I, too, know the numbers and will be doing numerology readings, but specializing in empowering you to be a trailblazer in your life. I will break down your birthday, full name, life path, and personal year cycle and help guide and coach you on the next journey in your life.

Let’s work: You can email me at drea@browngirlfromboston.com! Send me your comments, questions, and more!

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