Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Don't Forget Who You Are!!

"Don't forget who you are
Don't forget who you are
You're blessed with it
Baby, so marvelous
No one likes you; just look around
Yeah, you're too strong to turn around" -Don't Forget Who You Are, Common ft. PJ

If you have been following my life via social media, I have experienced a spiritual awakening, radical acceptance, self-love, and holistic upgrade since November 2020. I would say the glow-up and grow-up occurred since the beginning of 2020. Still, I have really tapped into the awakening since November when I found myself in victim consciousness of being in a full-blown breakdown of being abandoned, neglected, alone, and broken. There is always beauty in the struggle of experiencing breakdowns, breakups, and breakthroughs. Some moments I've lived out loud, some moments I suffered in silence, and some moments I just laid there and allowed life to happen to me. At first, I was numb and uninterested in the healing process because I am a healer, which was not supposed to happen to me. I was like God, Fam, this ain't it and what I got in return....a whole paradigm and spiritual shift...instantly. Honey, I had my edges, eyebrows, lashes, and everything snatched. All I could do was laugh, pray, sit in it, cry, isolate, and allow life to happen to me. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. 

            Here are a few lessons and blessings I have experienced along the way:
I remember how dope, awesome, fly and blessed I’m truly am. I’m so tapped into the healing process that I get overwhelmed with the unlimited downloads and synchronicities God provides. Each day, I find myself being truly unbothered by things that bother me and disrupt my entire day.

                                            My healing process includes:
👸🏾Being in therapy despite being a therapist and Professor (we go through it)” because we are flawed but still worthy)
🙏🏾Praying and meditating have upgraded my entire life. Upgrade your spirituality and develop your own relationship with God!
✍🏾 Journaling saved my life and evolved my personal growth and development.
🗣 Speaking and standing in my truth. Speaking from my heart.
Mirror Work and Affirmation work definitely helped me tap into my divine feminine and heal the invisible scars!

Brown Girl Affirmation: I am worthy of a beautiful life. I am awesome and deserve all the amazing things that I am manifesting!

When you self-mastery inner peace, happiness, spirituality, and self-love, you exude it from the inside to the outside. You can rock new clothes, lashes, dope accessories, have a dope career, and more, but if your inner soul and spirit are in conflict, you can forget having peace in your life.
☮️ Master peace instead of being in pieces.
✨Allow your light and confidence to be contagious.
👸🏾Enjoy the journey of who you are becoming.

What do you need to surrender and heal from? Comment in the comment section. 

SN: Shout out to my tribe for who is rocking with my vibe. Y'all have been putting up with me, celebrating me, loving me, and rocking with me even when I couldn't tolerate or love myself. I am deeply grateful for all of y'all. I love y'all from the bottom of my heart and soul!
SNN: I gotta give Common props for blessing us with some amazing music within the last year and a half. Go check out Let Love and A Beautiful Revolution (Pt 1). These two albums, along with my solo dance parties, are life!

                                           "Remember your light when the world seems shady." -Common

Peace, love, blessings, and light!


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