Monday, July 26, 2021

FLY Girl Goddess: Free Thought, Writing Flow

As I lay in bed, twisting my hair while thinking about why this dude pulled away, why am I focusing my attention on him, anyway? I realize that I have to surrender to the divine feminine energy goddess flow continually. As I fully and constantly evolve to that flow, I must remember to be in my softness, natural state of healing, clearing, and tapping within. I have realized that I’m a whole goddess with a dope flow and energy, and I will never be forgotten by anyone who came into my path. When I take ownership of the divine feminine energy goddess flow, I realize how I open myself up to radical acceptance, forgiveness, inner beauty, boundaries, and more. When you are a divine feminine energy goddess, you are a trailblazer and legacy maker. Everyone shouldn’t have accessibility to you because some are attracted to the unfamiliar light. It doesn’t come in a package that is direct, delicate, and signed on delivery. Divine feminine energy flow has the courage, vulnerability, and healing persistence to help keep you flowing. You aren’t for everybody; every (wo)man can’t handle your versatility, assertiveness, and timeless beauty. They want to take you down, but you didn’t come here to fuck around and be played with. Divine feminine energy goddess flow, you are here on a whole life mission, God gave you the vision, so continue to press onward and forward. Don’t ever allow anyone to disrupt your divine feminine energy goddess flow.

You are unforgettable and a force to be reckoned with. It’s time for you to receive all the love, energy, positivity, goodness, kindness that you have been putting out. Are you ready to receive it back?

Are you tapped into your fly girl goddess flow?

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