Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Burnout and Radical Self-Care

 Let's talk about burnout; I've been there, done that, and will not accept an invitation back.

Burnout is when you are coexisting beyond exhaustion. It's when you said yes, maybe so, even when you want to say NO!
You do it anyway because you don't want to disappoint people, or maybe you are a people pleaser.
Burnout is when you used to be vibrant and a go-getter, and now you can't get out of bed.
It's time to place boundaries in your life and take care of yourself.
On the blog, there are plenty of resources on self-care!

What to say NO to:
💎Say no when you don't want to do or cannot do anything else.
💎Say no to those useless and frivolous events and meetings that don't require your presence.
💎Say no, and do not pick your phone up when that same person is calling you with the drama trauma story.
💎Say no to victim consciousness and codependent relationships.
💎Say no and protect yourself from energy vampires!
💎Say no when too much is on your plate.
💎Say no to constantly working late and becoming a workaholic.
💎Say no without explanation.

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