Thursday, January 13, 2022

The 39 and FLY Challenge

I'm giving thanks to God for giving me the greatest blessing of turning 39! I'm a trailblazer, focused, determined, purposeful, holistically, and FLY Black Woman on a mission!
I was just nine, posing in front of my mom's Jetta on Hollingsworth St in Mattapan!
Seriously, I don't take life or my purpose for granted because I have endured challenges, and one of the most significant challenges I navigate daily is living life without my eldest brother. His life got taken away instantly at 19. So when you see me go hard, live life purposefully, smiling, staying sucker-free, accomplishing goals, tapping into my inner G moving with urgency, now you know why! I don't play about my life and purpose! God doesn't play about me either! I don't have room for anyone to rock with me half-heartedly. I got trails to blaze and moves to make!
I know Rakim said, "It ain't where you from; it's where you at." So I like to say where I am from (Mattapan, to be exact) prepared me to be where I'm.
With that being said, I have to thank my family, my ancestors (great-grandparents, grandparents, and Great Aunts and Uncles) for genuinely being my village. I'm an old soul because, as the youngest and only girl, I had to sit with my elders, listen to their wisdom, run errands with them, help them out, and honestly care for them!
Hence, why I am a social worker and educator! The wisdom I heard and applied is a combination of my elders in my family, ancestors, life experiences, school, reading, and researching!
🙏🏾Giving thanks to the past, present, and future sacrifices my parents made from leaving Alabama in 1970 relocating to Boston (Mattapan) to create a dope, challenging, and cultured life for my brothers and me.
My entire ancestral lineage investment is paying off, and I'm genuinely breaking generational curses daily! It's not easy, but I've gracefully accepted the challenge!
🙏🏾Giving thanks for being healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually)! I work hard towards my internal and eternal healing daily while helping others do the same!
Much love, light, gratitude, and endless blessings,


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