Thursday, October 6, 2022

Opting Out Of Unhealthy and Triggering Conversations


It’s okay to opt out of discussions and the opinions of others that hold no weight in your life. For example, I don’t participate in gender war conversations in my community or any other community because I’m not getting bent out of shape or compromising my mental health or self-esteem due to opinions.
I’m genuinely indifferent to this topic and the opinions of others because people are indeed in survival mode, and I refuse to entertain anything and anyone who is hateful, broken, and disrespectful towards oneself and others.
Stop giving your power and energy to these “influencers” and “slick wild talk” folks behind an avatar and screen. They don’t know you, and you don’t know them. All you know is that they probably not practicing or living what they post. Protect your energy. Take accountability and responsibility for your energy and the things you entertain, and stop giving power to harmful and abusive behaviors. Start unfollowing and blocking these people, pages, and channels.
The gender war, especially amongst Black people, is going nowhere. I don’t see any balanced solutions. So...I opt out of these discussions for sanity and to maintain my healthy mental well-being. Stop allowing others to make you feel bad about yourself. Everyone needs correcting and healing, but make sure you provide your own healing and correction to yourself and your household before you try to correct others.

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