Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Dear Sis, There is Life After A Hardship

Sis, don't allow society or bitter people to tell you what or who you can't have. There is love after 40. There is love after a breakup or divorce. You don't have to chase anyone. Work on your healing, love yourself, enjoy your life, find your happiness, and stop listening to people who have ill intentions for you. The dating pool doesn’t have pee or poop; you just have to upgrade your mind, circle, type, and environment. When you start healing, you will break that pattern of attracting the same person/energy with a different name. How do I know there’s life and love after a divorce and 40? I've manifested it by healing my hurt, pain, and unresolved trauma. I put the work in and did a lot of praying (not Ciara’s prayer 🤣/Drea’s prayer)! 

Ensure you are good and ready to receive the added love and happiness. God is going to bless you with what you need. That man might be in your presence, but you don't think he is your “type,” and you friend-zone that man. Having a preference is okay, but sometimes your “type” can block you from your blessings.

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