Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quick Recap: The Pursuit of Passion and Purpose Group Coaching Workshop

On July 19, 2014, Brown Girl From Boston hosted it's very first group coaching workshop entitled, "The Pursuit of Passion and Purpose: How to rediscover your passion and purpose and create the life you love" in Providence, RI. It was a great intimate environment because I was able to provide laser coaching, affirm the participants, mindfully listen and personalize their intention.

We had participants from all walks of life, various personalities and professions but with a lot in common such as living out loud, maximizing their full potential, breaking free from limiting beliefs about their passion, purpose and self-doubt. We were able to celebrate one another's greatness in a safe and non-judgement zone.

We started the workshop with a cool ice breaker to set the intention of togetherness and inclusion because many times, when we attend workshops, we often want to stay in our comfort zone, receive the information and go home. I like to break the ice by having ice breaker because you never know the commonality of the people within the room. After the ice breaker, as a group we set ground rules. Ground rules are great to set within the group because that creates trust, rapport and help with the flow of the workshop. As a facilitator and coach, I like to have the group come up with rules because it is not about me, it is about the group and their comfort level of having the group flow.

Here is when we come into the the nitty gritty lol. The purpose of the workshop was to get out of our own way and rediscover the passion and purpose within. This part of the workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed because each participants got out of their own way, received affirmation and confirmation from others and was validated! As, I am typing this, I got chills and goosebumps because breakthroughs and aha moments did occur. When I heard everyone's story, I was just in awe because the strengths, talents, and gifts in one was overwhelming and I was in the midst of greatness. Just seeing everyone collaborate, share, respect one another and admire one another's courage to be in attendance was powerful.

You can live your ideal life! As you need to have is a vision and once you have a vision, you have to take the necessary steps to whether it is in the dark or light to accomplish your dreams and hopes. Having a positive support system is key to living your ideal life because we have a lot of naysayers who will try to distract, deflect and inflate your vision and dreams. You have to release them with love and love them from afar and replace them with people who are like-minded that will help you achieve and being actualization to your vision.

If you missed out on this workshop or live outside of the New England area, you have the opportunity to rediscover your passion and purpose with me on August 21. The workshop will take place online with others. Here is the link for the registration of the event.

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