Saturday, December 23, 2017

Why We Should Break Up with Martyrdom Because It Is Killing Us!!!

Today, I am choosing to dismantle martyrdom one action step, one video, one post, one thought, and one advocacy at a time. Martyrdom is killing Black People because we love to self-sacrifice ourselves to be liked, validated, accepted and love by people who really don't give an EFF about us. I must include our families in this not giving an Eff about us topic because some family members don't care whether we are holistically healthy or not as long as we are sacrificing ourselves to do for them why should they.

I am tired of seeing so many women in my family including my Mother, self-sacrificing herself for the sake of helping others who don't care. I am also tired of being pulled into that realm of being on the receiving end of the toxicity of deeming not to care because I choose to utilize the powers of self-preservation and not be used like a tampon. I am choosing to break the cycle of martyrdom because it is manifesting unnecessary stress which will turn into diseases and other fatal illnesses in which that will turn into an early death sentence and I am not about dying soon.

I am here to raise our vibration, awaken our inner FLY Girl and womanhood and distrust the patterns and pathologies that are not serving us. Black People have always sacrificed ourselves and find ourselves in the same situation all in the name to save another candidate, policy or whatever the case. We have put our lives on the line constantly and I am tired of not having others to do the same. Now is the tine to pull together to save ourselves.

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