Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Careerist Project Social Impact Coaching

We are committing our time, skills, purpose, and talent of individuals who have been deeply affected by the COVID-19. We are committed to an individual’s personal, professional, and holistic growth and development by committing 6 weeks of FREE virtual coaching to those who are serious-minded, talented, and part of this affected group.

We are identifying 6 women who are in need of personal, professional, and holistic coaching. If you are a woman of color, unemployed, underemployed, or struggling financially; we encourage you to apply to our 6-weeks FREE virtual coaching program.

This coaching program is free, y'all. F-R-E-E. Head over to for details!

Please share our new coaching program with those who have been affected by COVID19. All you have to do is be committed to a 6-week coaching program and other criteria along with uploading your resume and answer a few questions.

Got questions? Email us at

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