Thursday, January 14, 2021

2021 We Are Setting Boundaries: Boundaries Over Everything!

 Homework/Self-Reflection/Journaling Time: What are your boundaries and limitations?

💫Not ya Mama and ‘em boundaries, if they have any, however, what are your boundaries and limitations?

💫What areas in your life that is causing you to constantly have meltdowns and breakdowns? If you identified it, you didn’t create a boundary for it. It’s, time to create a healthy boundary so you can protect yourself and your holistic peace.

💫Understand that we are human and flawed and we can’t be everything to everyone! We have to place boundaries and limitations so we don’t constantly exhaust and overextend ourselves to people, places, and things that aren’t serving us.

👉🏾Today’s challenge: Be authentic and transparent with yourself about your boundaries or lack thereof and write down ways you gave away your power by being a people pleaser. On the other side of the paper, write down how you are going to protect yourself, your peace, your magic, your neck (ode to Wu-Tang), and energy by recreating and setting boundaries to protect you and the people around you.

The grown folks will be alright and the users and abusers will take flight!

Yes, you are going to piss people off once you tap on and create those boundaries and reinforce them! 

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