Friday, January 8, 2021

Keep It Simple, Sis For the New Year

Happy New Year, Tribe! It's been a minute since I've posted because I've been going through the holistic struggle of 2020 like everyone else. I had to take a deep assessment of myself and take time to heal by throwing myself in therapy, take time away from coaching, and took a solo trip, which I will blog about another time. I am back in full effect, and we got some dope things on deck for 2021. 

But here are some things that  I have decided to do. I've decided to keep my life very simple after dealing with a complicated and complex year(s) added to my invisible scars. This year I have decided to tap inward and reconstruct and unlearn things that weren’t serving me. Things I’m finally letting go of: 
👸🏾Living A Pretty Lie 
👸🏾Escaping reality and feelings by throwing myself into projects and work 
👸🏾Self-Sabotaging and Self-sacrificing to uphold an individual and collective image

I’m over it. Surrendering it. Releasing control. I’m holistically exhausted, but at peace with my decisions. Healing sucks. Healing is scary. Healing is liberating. I’m up for the challenge, and it’s onward and upward from here. I may ugly cry my way through the healing process, but I have to evolve for me. I am too dope to stay unhealed. 

What are your personal intentions for the New Year?

Much love and light to the Tribe!

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