Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Progression of FLYness

The progression of Flyness! I knew that going away to college 20 years ago would take discipline, leadership, Flyness, and determination to stay the course of completing not one but two degrees at 2 Universities! I have experienced full circle moments from being a student at Mother Tuskegee to being a Professor at Tuskegee. You just never know how your fitness will progress. So keep staying the course that God got planned for you! 

*1st photo top left was my graduation photo, 15 years ago by my TU brother, Dr. Ian Moore* 2nd photo mirror selfie a month ago. Progression of Flyness! 

Being fly is more than being fashionable, accessible, and an around-the-way girl. Being fly is understanding that you have to love yourself through the process of maturity and refinement stage. I always knew I was a fly despite hardships, pain, and disappointment. I realize my Flyness matured and progressed over time, which turned into a spiritual and ongoing refinement period. Flyness is showing up as your authentic self. 
👸🏾 Flyness is being an alchemist and turning your pain into power. 
👸🏾 Flyness knows your Flyness comes from within and glows from without. 
👸🏾 Flyness can handle issues and people with poise and grace. 
👸🏾 Flyness can be professional and calm when others are not. 
👸🏾 Flyness knows that you got it like that without being boastful and egotistical.

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