Friday, June 17, 2022

Brown Girl Wisdom: You are your own standard of beauty!

💎Smile more!
💎See yourself as the best version of yourself!
💎Treat yourself well, and others will do the same.
💎Take up space, raise your vibration, and let it be contagious
💎When you walk in or exit a room, everyone will know and feel your energy
💎When others enter your presence, leave them feeling loved, validated, valued, and acknowledge.
💎Get fit and eat well!
💎Be the most and know you are dope!
💎Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Own your mistakes, ugliness, and negative energy.
💎Take responsibility and time to heal. There are layers and levels to healing and growing.
💎You are your own competition. It’s unevolved you vs. evolved you.


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