Thursday, June 16, 2022

Divine Feminine Leadership

Leading with your femininity and succeeding: I'm constantly sharpening my divine feminine leadership skills because I have a dual role in academia: Assistant Professor and Director of Internships in the Social Work Department! Academia is highly dominated by masculine energy and at times my sistahs can catch that vibe instead of bringing harmony and balance to the space! It's one thing to be a “pitbull in a skirt” but you want to make sure you are leading from a divine feminine sacred energy and achieve dope things while achieving things for your University (place of employment or enterprise).
Remember, you can still be in your femininity and lead. I achieve this daily and get ahead because I know the power of abundance; I speak less and listen more while observing the background. I take up space while being kind, warm, and gentle with people. You know when I enter and leave the room, and that's divine knowledge and wisdom that I practice daily!
How are you leading?


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