Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Brown Girl July's Journal Prompts: Self-Improvement and Self-Determination

Journaling is an emotional and non-judgemental release done in a private setting. Journaling is a self-expressive and therapeutic tool to help with healing your inner self, reprogramming your self-talk, and rediscovering who you are, where you are currently at, and where you want to go. As a Clinician, licensed social worker, and Professor, I highly encourage my students in my various classes to journal to monitor growth, areas of self-improvement, trials, triumphs, aha moments, areas of healing, triggers, and trauma. Personally, journaling helps me to navigate the good, and bad, and life challenges and keeps me accountable to enhance my inner and outer self. 

Journaling can be a few words, a paragraph, or pages! It is all up to you, your energy, and the level of releasing you need while journaling. Journaling can be recorded via written content, visual content, or audio content. Challenge yourself to do a mixture of all three, especially if you are on the go and can't access your journaling notebook. Do not limit yourself and self-expression when it comes to journaling. It is the living document of your lived experiences. 

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