Monday, July 1, 2024

Reflections from My Sabbatical: Embracing Holistic Health and Personal Growth


Returning from the hustle and bustle of a demanding career can be a transformative experience. During my recent vacation and career sabbatical, I prioritized my holistic health, allowing myself the time and space to reflect deeply on my professional journey. Here are some key insights I've gained:

1. The Price of Silence

I stayed in environments where my voice was silenced for far too long. I allowed myself to be shortchanged by stagnant institutions and systems that needed to be more active in their ideas, innovation, and practices. This period of reflection made me realize the importance of speaking up and advocating for change, not just for myself but for the betterment of the organizations I am a part of.

2. The Illusion of Power

Job titles often come with clout, power, and control, but these attributes don't necessarily equate to positive and productive leadership, growth, prosperity, or progress. Authentic leadership inspires and uplifts others, fostering an environment where innovation and collaboration can thrive. It's about making a meaningful impact, not just holding a prestigious title.

3. The Insecurity Behind Bragging

I've noticed that individuals constantly reminding others of their successes, accomplishments, and degrees often need to be more secure, power-hungry, and challenging to work with. Their behavior typically stems from jealousy and an inability to appreciate others' accomplishments, likability, and kindness. Genuine confidence doesn't need to be broadcasted; it speaks for itself through actions and integrity.

4. The Hidden Harm in the Helping Professions

It's a sad truth that only some in the helping profession are there to help others. Many are there to cause further harm, driven by their own unresolved and unhealed trauma. This realization underscores the importance of self-awareness and continuous personal development in professions dedicated to helping others. Healing oneself is a crucial step in truly healing and supporting others.

Moving Forward: A Commitment to Growth and Well-being

As I continue my journey, I am committed to prioritizing my holistic health and embracing environments that value innovation, growth, and genuine leadership. This sabbatical has been a powerful reminder that actual progress comes from within and that fostering a healthy, supportive, forward-thinking professional environment is essential for personal and collective success.

I encourage everyone to take the time to reflect on their own journeys, to speak up for change, and to prioritize their well-being. Let's create spaces where every voice is heard, where leadership is synonymous with growth and inspiration, and where the true purpose of helping professions is honored and upheld.

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