Thursday, May 29, 2014

For My Brown Girls: When Being You Is Enough

Hello to all my beautiful brown girls. I’m back with some profound and positive knowledge. As I contemplated on this topic, I was inspired by the lack of self-esteem, self-love, and self-hatred some of us are experiencing within ourselves. Somehow we as brown women at times demean ourselves, morals, conscious, and beliefs to be in the “in crowd” and for the opposite sex.

So I propose a question to you brown girls, Are you hopeless and lost?
First off, if you can admit to being hopeless and lost, than you are on the right track to self-preservation, self-love and self-restoration. You have to be willing to look yourself in the mirror and do something about the self-hatred, lack of self-esteem and lack of self-love. Do you see the connection with the word, “self”? If not let me break it down for you. Self is defined as your consciousness of your OWN identity. We all have some unresolved issues/emotional baggage that lie within self. That shouldn’t give us a pass to go around walking with our heads down, disrespecting ourselves and others, accepting abuse and inappropriateness, and remain in a state of unhealthiness. I believe if you have faith in a higher being and if you are willing to seek professional guidance and apply the guidance in your life, than you are on the road to a healthier and renewed you. If you are willing to change than you have to put in the work for change. Change doesn’t occur overnight!

Brown Girls quit fashioning after another sister’s pursuits, goals, looks and success. Being you is enough and you have nothing to prove to anybody.  Be you! Trying to be someone else is impossible because you don’t know what that individual had to lose or suffer to impersonate them. What the creator has in store for you is for you and only you. Don’t lose your dignity and respect because you want to be a copy cat. Be original and creative and pursue your own dreams, goals, looks and personality. Embrace your uniqueness!   If people don’t like you for being you, than it is time to move on and surround yourself with those who appreciate and embrace your authenticity.  
Sistahs, we need to cease the self hatred and the hatred of one another. Why must we be so negative towards one another? So what if she has on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s  shoes and she is wearing Dior Homme, be thankful for whatever pair of shoes and perfume you are wearing and can afford. She may have sold her soul for those material things. Let’s uplift, encourage, and support one another. We have no right to place judgment on anyone.  Embrace the skin that you are in. Whether you are light skinned, dark skinned, round, slim, have natural hair or relaxed hair, we are all beautiful. God created us in his image and that is an amazing thing to know. Beauty is only skin deep. Being beautiful on the outside and empty on the inside is useless, transparent, and limited. Outer beauty maybe able to get doors open but having character can keep them open.

Let’s continue to destroy the cycle by discovering our true essence by being positive, healthy, loving, and liberated. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are interested in growth, health, and living life your fullest. Misery loves company and we all should refuse to participate in a miserable existence.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Brainy, Beautiful and Brown! XOXO
Drea from Brown Girl From Boston

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