Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Curating My Happiness and Peace: Bringing in 2024 with a Renewed Vibe

 When you the sun, you shine on all the Icaruses (uh)

Know my power, I know what my penmanship did (it's dope)
Drop so many jewels, I couldn't even put 'em on wrist (uh)
That's the sacrifice (yeah) when you this nice (ah)
They wanna dim your light (they tryin' to)
But never that (never that)
Never that (never, never, never) - Rapsody, Asteroid

Rapsody, my homegirl, my sis, and one of my favorite artists inspired me to curate and renew my happiness and peace. I had a dope 2023 with a few trials and tribulations with plenty of triumphs from dropping my book (Manifesting Your Greatness), launching The Fly Girl Shop, reaching my financial goals, physical goals, and mental health goals by attending therapy every month, and listening to healing, and embracing a new level of love through self-love and allowing someone else to love me. 

Despite all this dopeness, flyness, and often shyness, I find myself peeling back specific layers of complications, complexities, and vulnerabilities to the point I said, "Yo, people really don't care about you, but do you care about YOU?" Once I had that introspective thought, I had to shut it down. Shut down the inner chatter, the self-doubt, the negative self-talk, and often unanswered triggers. I remember burying my Aunt in late Feb/early March and having a complete meltdown after the funeral because enough was enough. I was exhausted because this was the third death on my paternal side of the family, grieving family members, my divorce finally being over after 2 years, and just finding myself no longer holding on to stoicism and holding everyone down. It took my significant other saying to me..."You should go back to therapy." I found my old therapist and got to work, and I am still working. I am thankful because I have evolved, cried, reached "aha" moments, discovered my inner strength, and made an exit plan in various areas of my life, and now I am curating my happiness and peace vibe for 2024. 

Turning 40 was also eye-opening because you find a liberation switch, and life begins at 40. I have evolved and am more assertive, wanting to live a gentler, softer, wiser, kinder, and loving life. I have had my ups and downs, but I hung in there and kept going. I had my ups and downs with my love life, but after a year and some changes later, I am still hanging in here. I find myself battling religious trauma and struggling with holiday celebrations. I have many emotions, but it helped me level up personally and professionally and move out of the way. 

I have found myself being fearless, vulnerable (which is a scary zone for me), and glowing up. I deserve all the great things I have received, am going to receive, and will experience. I am excited to curate my happiness, peace, and love. 2024 will be a vibe, and I can't wait to experience it. In the meantime, I am on a significant social media hiatus because that ish is annoying AF, and I often wonder if people listen, care, and apply the gems. I am at the point in my life in which I have to shrug my shoulders, mind my business, and focus on my happiness, peace, and love. I am focusing on living a healthy, whole, and healed life. Chile, my goal is to live until my 100s, surrounded by love and quality people such as my future husband, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and leave a lasting legacy. 

For those of you who are Day 1 or today's tribe members, I am sending you much love, light, peace, happiness, and freedom. Curate your vibe, happiness, peace, love, and a dope 2024. 

If you are interested in reaching out to me, please email me as I am on a social media detox, but my email inbox is

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